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"Building on Measured Performance"

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Building Better Lambs

2018 Parker Production Sale

June 9, 2018

Olds Cow Palace

Olds, AB


“Parker Rams: Made to Measure!”
Measuring loin depth and fat in the 2017 lambs. Important components to the CARC index. 

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“Go ahead, walk into my pen!”
Meet Athena, our Anatolian Shepherd


How to Use Performance Records to Select Terminal Sires

Understanding performance records will take some effort.

Managing Rams for Superior Performance

Pre-breeding and breeding periods are critical times in a ram's life.

Selecting Terminal Sires

Use performance records to select the best terminal sire you can afford.

Using Terminal Sires

Terminal Sires can increase lamb growth rate and lean meat yield.





Registered Suffolk Seedstock

THIS IS IT.....Last year's preparation is paying off.  Whether conceived by AI, embryo transfer or the old fashioned way....the 2016 lambs are coming!

2016 Lambs